Affirmative Action Essay

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The president of a large firm announces he will be retiring. Word spreads throughout the community and resumes begin to pour in daily. The board members filter through hundreds of applications according to qualifications and experience. Fifteen applicants are selected and notified to set up an interview. One applicant surpasses all the others with his qualifications and impresses the board with his charm. The man leaves the interview confident that he will be the next president of the firm. Unfortunately, he never hears from them again. Since he was Hispanic the firm could not hire him because they already had enough Hispanic people employed. Under the Affirmative Action policy, or preferential hiring, the firm must hire someone …show more content…

Racial discrimination has been a major issue in the United States history and many people have fought to have equal rights. Affirmative Action still draws a line between the races.

Whether the policy is enforced at a school or a workplace, it still generates inequality. The University of North Carolina has a diverse student body with a majority of its students being African-American. An African-American student coming out of high school with a 4.0 grade point average and various extra curricular will not be accepted because of his ethnicity. Instead, a Hispanic student with a 2.9 grade point average and no extra curricular activities will be accepted just so the school will meet their quota. Why should a student who did not put forth the effort be rewarded? Nobody has the choice of ethnicity, but everyone has the choice to succeed. There is no reason to believe that anyone, in today's society, cannot achieve whatever they wish. Hard work and diligence pay off, and eventually race and sex will no longer be an issue. The goal is to make race and sex irrelevant, and preferential hiring only keeps these issues alive. Next, the inequality affirmative action brings is also seen in the workplace. A new administrative position opened in a hospital and a black male was hired. Although the man was not qualified for the job, he was chosen over a white male because the hospital already had too many white males employed. What happens when someone goes to the

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