Affirmative Action Is Necessary Analysis

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America is said to be like a melting pot, a diverse land of people with all sorts of different cultures and backgrounds. But, how truly diverse is America? How diverse are our schools and our workplaces? “Why Affirmative Action Is Necessary” was published in 2015 to EBSCO by Anne Stokely. Stokely’s argument is in favor of affirmative action because she believes it allows everyone to compete freely in the marketplace. Affirmative action continues to be a controversial idea in our society today.
The issue at hand is if affirmative action is necessary. Does America need it? Is it fair? Is it actually helping minorities get ahead? Is affirmative action causing “reverse discrimination?” The targeted audience seems to be major corporations and education administrators. The main point of their thesis is affirmative action helps minority groups gain access to education and jobs that they would not usually have access to. The purpose of this article is to inform their audience why affirmative action is a necessary policy to have.
Anne Stokely appears to be a more liberal writer than conservative. Stokely shows very good will, likeability, and humility. Stokelys approach towards the material is to use a variety of logos evidence and effective examples from history. Stokelys styles is very …show more content…

Stokely uses an allusion, different points of diction, and varying degrees of syntax. The allusion in this article is the quote by President Johnson. Even if the audience is unfamiliar with this quote, they can still understand the message and the connotation of the meaning. The examples of diction in this article include; “significant discrepancy,” “undoubtedly,” and “excruciatingly.” The words chosen show diction because they change the meaning and the tone of her writing. Stokely uses a variety of paragraphs lengths to elaborate on a subject or make it clear and to the

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