Affordable Health Care For Everyone

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Lance Taylor -- SPEA-V160 – April 9, 2017
Title: Affordable Health Care for Everyone
Today’s current Health Care Policy under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), has many issues that are imposing serious costs to American people. The U.S. life expectancy rate is much lower than it should be, when being compared to the rest of the world’s costs on health care and their life expectancy rates. Many problems have concurred with the quality being provided to patients under government programs, such as patients not receiving the full medical attention they need, solely because the physician has no reasonable incentive to provide excellent care to these low-paying patients. Although, it is not the patients’ fault for these quality …show more content…

Often, when an individual is buying their own plan, the premiums are very high and are not able to be met. Some of these people who cannot afford premiums on their own do not qualify for government funded programs either. Many of these people are left uninsured or under-insured. Health insurance programs have started to increase deductibles. Cost has become an increasing issue with the current ACA, as well as quality for these government funded program’s patients, caused by the physicians contracted to provide care to these individuals.
Policy Options: The PCA addresses the issues of cost by emphasizing the relationship between doctors and patients, without the government interaction. It allows patients to choose their doctor based on the physician’s prices and quality ratings. The PCA also focuses on prevention through public health. The current GDP for public health in the U.S. is 3%, meaning three cents from every dollar spent in the U.S. is going towards public health. If efforts became focused on preventing of those chronic diseases that take up roughly 75% of our healthcare spending, our spending on healthcare should decrease (Sultz, Harry and Young, 2013). As stated previously, the current ACA is focused on repair and recovery, rather than trying to prevent these chronic killers

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