Pros Of Obama Care

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Since 2010, the implementation of Affordable Care Act has successfully reduced the uninsured rate across the nation. Although Obama Care has helped many people become insured and gain access to healthcare, it’s only beneficial to those who have an in-depth understanding of the insurance plans when choosing the coverage that is best fit for them. Therefore, it’s crucial for people to gain an in-depth knowledge about the plan before enrolling to avoid the healthcare coverage that could put a financial burden on them when they actually utilize the medical services.
While Affordable Care Act has brought insurance coverage to many uninsured individuals, it might have indirectly caused some people to loose their employer healthcare coverage. “But some skeptics had worried that those sign-ups weren’t uninsured people, but
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“But insurers in many counties are offering such a dizzying array of health insurance plans with so many subtle differences that consumers have struggled to determine which plan is best for them” (Pear, 2015). One of the attractive features of affordable coverage is the low monthly premium. With these attractive numbers, some people might even choose to give up their employer coverage to save the extra money. Naturally, consumers would most likely be fond with the low premiums rather than the quality of the plan. However, low premium is only worth the price that is paid for. The high deductibles lie within these low cost plans could cost the patients a fortune when they receiving the care. As this happen, the Affordable Care Act is no longer serve its purpose in helping to increase the quality and affordability of health insurance as well as reducing the cost of healthcare. Instead, the Obama Care only succeeds in reducing uninsured rate of the population. The lack of understanding about the healthcare coverage could become financially burden to the consumers’ family if they choose to use the plan.
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