African American History For The Past Century

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The African-American History from the Late 19th Century through the Present course was very informative and educational. This course offered a broader view at looking and analyzing the history of African-American in the United States. Though, I have read extensively and possessed a small collection of books on the subject, this course has affirmed what I have already knew as well as elevating my knowledge on the subject. The course also opened up new ways to look and understand certain facts about African-American’s experiences since Reconstruction. There could not be a better textbook for this course than Freedom on My Mind. As I stated in a previous assignment, the textbook is a mini reference encyclopedia of African-American history for the past century. The supporting documents throughout the textbook support the authors’ arguments as well as providing the foundation for many unanswered questions that academics and intellectuals should seek find answers from the government and people in leadership positions. Parallel conclusions can be drawn to events involving African-Americans in the late 19th century and throughout the 20th century to current events with the exception that a few cases many end up in the court. Discriminatory practices are wide spread in every sector of the American society. The fights for school desegregation may have been won in the courtroom but segregationists found a way to underfunded black schools. Affirmative Action may have provided a
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