What Was Freedom For African Americans?

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In 1865, slavery was abolished, by the Thirteenth amendment. This Amendment brought humongous changes and a large number of problems. (Lecture 1) After the destruction of slavery, it left nearly four million African American with no property, little training, and few rights; which made the definition of freedom for African Americans the central question on the nation’s agenda. The big question of the time period was, “what was freedom for African Americans?” (Give me liberty! An American 550)
From 1865 to 1900 African Americans, despite being presumed free; blacks quickly realized they were only free from was the whippings, break-ups from their families, and sexual exploitation. (Experience History 457) African Americans were still force to live with the hostility of whites. It has taken blacks a long time to be freed from the hatred, and discrimination of white southerners, and after decades’ racism among whites still exist today.
For African Americans discovering their own meaning of freedom was crucial. Establishing the meaning of free included finding a new place to work. In attempt to break the psychological ties of slavery, the changing of jobs was necessary. Possessing a full name, including a last name, that they were allowed to choose. This marked the first sign that slaves had the freedom to make a decision without white interference. Pursuing the opportunity to strengthen their family ties, meaning getting officially married because slave marriages had never

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