African American Imperialism In Heart Of Darkness

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The false perception of Africa has been engraved into multiple minds so the truth becomes impossible to comprehend. Overtime, the Europeans discovery of Africa has lead to numerous debates about how stable Africa truly was. Figuratively, Africa has always been viewed as place in need of constant saving, however, in actuality, Africa has always been a diverse continent, never requiring any saving. Because of the numerous stories that falsely portray the natives, it becomes difficult to distinguish fact from fiction. Due to the lack of factual knowledge people have obtained, the people assume all of Africa is either starving, in poverty or in combat; however, Africa is more than one place. Throughout Conrad's Heart of Darkness, Conrad describes Africans as irrational and violent, almost alien like due to the Africans peculiar customs. While on his adventures to the unfamiliar land that is …show more content…

Although amongst the voices there are stories that retell the peculiar ways of Africa. Hochschild pointed out that the history of Africa that has been recorded are shown "entirely through white men's eyes" (Hochschild, 1998). Achebe agrees with Hochschild because Conrad's offensive and deplorable book is described as "among the half dozen greatest short novels" (Achebe, 1977). Even though Conrad completely disgraced the humanity and customs of African Americans throughout his novel. As seen in Hochschild's prologue, King Affonso I, was the only voice able to vouch for the unspoken Africans. Consequently, throughout her TED talk, Adichie discusses how one story gave readers with the mindset of Africans not "being similar" (Adichie, 2009) to Americans. As if Africans and Americans are not all humans. (Equiano, 1745). Williams is able to advocate for Africans having few voices considering the majority of deaths were the natives where there was an instance where "one white man lost is life" (Williams,

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