African American Incarceration And The Advancement Of Colored People

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Today, in America there is a disproportionate amount of Black people incarcerated. There are discrepancies in everything from the education they receive to the jobs that are available to them. This growing trend needs to be addressed and changed permanently, otherwise already superfluous statistics will continue to increase. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (n.d.) declared that “One in six black men had been incarcerated as of 2001. If current trends continue, one in three black males born today can expect to spend time in prison during his lifetime.” African American incarceration has become an accepted norm in our society and in order to fix it we need to establish the lack of education, address workplace roadblocks which lead to illegal means of earning an income and find rehabilitation solutions that will not result in furthering the cycle of black imprisonment.
There are a few components that lead to this unbalanced incarceration rate, but in order to properly address and fix the problem we have to understand that it begins with insufficient education. It is clear that as early as middle school the negative attention starts whether it is through overbearing teachers with racial preconceived notions of bad behavior, or educational needs that just are not being met. The NAACP (n.d.) also stated that “35% of black children grades 7-12 have been suspended or expelled at some point in their school careers.” In seventh grade the average age is…
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