African American Delinquent Behavior Essay

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African American Juvenile Delinquency in America Several studies have provided data that often indicate crime rates are higher for certain ethnic groups of people in the United States. Much of this research on delinquent behavior tends to show that African Americans account for a greater proportion of the juvenile delinquents in America. With African American juveniles accounting for more than 57% of arrests for manslaughter and more than 67% of arrests for robbery, this growing national problem has caught the attention of researchers, criminologists, and society. African American youth also account for a large percentage of nonviolent offenses such as property offenses and drug related arrests (Kang and Burton). Several theories have been developed to try and find a better understanding or perhaps provide a more inclusive insight as to why African American youth are likely to become involved in delinquent behavior. The juvenile justice system was created as a way to intervene constructively in juveniles’ lives to steer them away from the adult criminal justice system. With the idea in mind that children are different as adults and should be trialed differently, juvenile courts were established throughout the country. For example, while children may violate the law, it is often believed by many that they still have room for rehabilitation and growth for change. For quite some time it has been recognized as counterproductive to label children as criminals because this

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