African American Rationalism

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From being considered two-thirds of a person to fighting a war for freedom, African American’s have surmounted many obstacles that limited them in America and each year continue to move further away from the concept of “the other”. During the Rationalism Era, African Americans have no voice in society and take no part in the unification of the country, but instead are taken advantage of. They are not considered as humans during this period, but rather property, and are only used for economic and political gain for white males. During the Romantic Era, African American’s begin to voice their abolitionist views in hopes of spreading awareness of the cruelty of slavery. Although the effort was valiant, African Americans were still considered an inferior race, of which whom could not participate in society. During the civil war and emancipation era, Slaves are freed from their owners in the eyes of the law, but still have limited civil rights. Although not all slaves are freed immediately, it starts the recovering process for African American’s, which will evidently provide them a sustainable role in society. Throughout American history, African Americans have been marginalized in society and have represented “the other”, America’s racial values begin in the construction of the United States where African Americans are excluded and then as the country begins to split apart into the North and South, tensions of slavery rise and ultimately leading to the emancipation of slaves
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