African American Social Class

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Apartheid, a political system that was recognized by the government to segregate the colored people from the white. Even though African Americans have been free for over one hundred years, there are many things that make African Americas second hand citizens like, residential laws and economic forces that are staked against them in the United States.
At the turn of the century, public attention to the dangers and unfortunate situation of most African Americans seemed to decrease dramatically (Wilson, Being Poor, Black, And American 2011). There was little to no media attention to the problem of concentrated poverty in inner city neighborhoods, in which almost all of population falls beneath the national poverty level (Wilson, Being Poor, Black, …show more content…

In 1934 FHA, which stands for …show more content…

In modern times, social class has had a major importance in the furthering of not just African Americans life’s but in the status of all minorities. If Race is less important why does the government still feel the need to still categorize in the national census it carry out each year with categories such as white and black. Wilson says that changes in status were going to expand less along the lines of race and concentrate more along the lines of education but he hasn’t pondered about the difficulties that African Americans have too obtain a proper education (Woods,2011, Wilson1980). While education is a big determining factor for upward mobility in the African American community all their basic needs must be taken care of first, this is where a more psychological approach can be taken in to consideration for example Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

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