African American Social Factors

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PECS Essay In the following essay, It will explain the different factors of Political, Economical, Cultural, and Social events that drove the Early Colonist to the “New World as in Defined in the Merriam Dictionary, the lord mass of North and South Americas. King James, the figurehead and arbitrator of English government was establishing a industry of tobacco which was one of the Economical reasons that drove the Europeans to the New World. He himself did not chew tobacco, but it did give a broader horizon of how he can distribute and earn the money by selling the good. This act was commonly known as the Tobacco Counterblaste. Another reason that the Europeans were economically driven is because of the language and usage of literature used …show more content…

An example of such, is the Headright System. Since the king ruling at the time wanted to expand his horizons he began with sending a group of colonizers to the New World. In the past when he had began to do so, only 20% of the colonizers survived. So with his authority and better judgment, the King began to give anybody 58 acres to anyone that volunteered to go on the voyage to the “New World” Another Social reason is because of the number of Native Americans decrease do to social events that the European. When Europeans began to trade with the Native they trade utensils and clothing that had germs and diseases attached that the Natives were not attached to, so before the colonies came along 1/10 Natives died from natural diseases. When the europeans came along however the number jump to 8/10 so instead of decimation it had jumped to octomation. The third reason was because of trade. When the Europeans first settle they traded money, but when they came across the Natives they traded something of the same worth as stated above in Economics. So the Indians with the New technology that the Europeans carried over, started to gain the habits and way of the settlers. Property became a major problem between tribes, and who had access to what hunting grounds, since they now had guns they had a new way to intimidate or scare of other tribes, therefore starting a new rebellion between more tribes.The reason is because of the florida Colonization. Juan Ponce de León in 1513 founded what was perceived to be by present day St. Agustine. He named it Pascua florida ("feast of the flowers). In 1539 Hernando de Soto began another expedition in search of gold and silver which landed him near present day Tallahassee. Some years later many other expeditioners later camped there and continued on in search of more where they then founded present Cuba, an Island off the Coast, but later

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