African American Theatre Analysis

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In the genre of theatre, there are multiple plays and playwrights that touch on controversial topics found throughout society. These playwrights utilize their own personal styles and theatrical elements to convey a certain message or theme to their audience.
Issues such as the social structure of society, poverty, political matters, and many more are addressed by the plot of these works, with the playwright portraying their thoughts on the subject through the use of dramatic form. Playwrights structure their creations with varying aspects of this structures in the best possible manner to connect with the audience. Some may prefer to focus on a deep plot with realistic characters, while others may pay more attention to how the characters interact …show more content…

Wilson uses the word “nigger” multiple times creating racial discomfort in the audience, while Churchill utilizes knowledge such as “fuck”, “bitch” and multiple others, creating sexual discomfort. These playwrights use this language to not make the plot more interesting or jarring, but instead to provided a realistic situation. They break the wall that the audience may put up about some certain themes in the plays by using language that they are not accustomed to hearing. For Wilson, the use of the word “nigger” makes the play as whole realistic and gives insight into the family dynamics of African Americans. The word is known to have two contexts, one being more friendly while the other has a more abusive origin. Troy constantly uses the word in abusive context in regard to Cory, adding on to the abusive paternal figure that Wilson wishes to portray. Instead of having Martin use language to demean Victoria and Lin, Churchill instead makes his dialogue about sex more vulgar. This blatant vulgarity is a satire on the idea that one of a man’s main goals is to have sexual dominance. In one scene, Martin uses the word “fuck” ad nauseam after accidentally being asked to become a part of an orgy. This speech about “fucking” gives light to the sexually explicit and dominant nature of his masculinity. Both Wilson and …show more content…

Both plays include dialogue between the couples where the husband speaks as though he has the dominance over the conversation. In Fences its Troy explaining the reason why he cheated and did what he did ( seemingly without strong remorse), or in Cloud Nine where Clive forgives Betty for her infidelity and blaming her gender as the reason. Both of these men are seen as completely rude and irrational at this point, a quality that both Playwrights believed that hyper masculine individuals have. These situations also show the absurd aspects found in both plays and how the absurdity parallels those involved in the

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