African Americans And African American Studies

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The mission of the students around the country who fought for an education that would shed light on African Americans. The progress the students created is seen today in American Universities ,and also HBCUs, where (AAS)African American Studies is implemented into the curriculum. Before, the dissection the formation of AAS, it should be noted that without the sacrifice from others I undoubtedly would not be writing about AAS ,or reflecting on the significance it has created for generations so far.

There have always been African Studies, just not in the American Education System, black intellectuals dedicated many years to understand African American History and their origin and their role in society. Though the first instance for this course to be considered in school began in the 1960s. The purpose of the African American studies program is to study and analyze the history, culture, achievements, and issues of African Americans in the United States who are African descent. Also, the discipline explains the connection between African Americans and white and other ethnic groups. African American Studies was not created for the purposes of discounting European history, it will allow students to learn the importance of African history and how it has intertwined with American society.

One African American professor named Dr. Maulana Karenga developed the Kwaida theory that exposed the cultural and social disadvantages African Americans faced because of a Eurocentric

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