African Americans Changed The Game

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Max Hundley
Mrs. Greenlee
English III – 2nd Period
29 November, 2016
African-Americans Changed the Game If there was never any Negro Leagues, then would African-American men still be playing baseball today? During the time of segregated baseball, the Negro Leagues helped economically in the African-American community. Once the Leagues started to fall in the mid-1900s, black men began playing in the same leagues as the white men, but they were mistreated by most white players and fans. Nowadays white men and black men play together without any discrimination. The Negro Leagues played a big role in ending segregation on the baseball field, and they gave the black community a sense of pride while they were belittled by the majority of our …show more content…

The economy in the black community was helped significantly by the Negro Leagues. The games were a big form of entertainment, drawing large crowds of black citizens from all over. The Negro Leagues helped the African-American economy because it brought more black people into the large urban cities across the country (Neil Lanctot). The African-Americans considered these leagues to be a form of racial pride, because they showed that the black community had a very successful business that lasted for a very long time (Despite Struggles). “Most black businesses struggled to survive from year to year, but baseball teams and leagues thrived for decades”, this is showing that baseball brought in a lot of money and entertainment for the black community in the U.S. Baseball is considered to be a “major achievement in black enterprise” (Neil Lanctot). These leagues of all-black teams brought in a lot of money and attention. In the mid 1900s, the last of the Negro Leagues began to fall apart. After the Negro Leagues started to crash, black men started to be recruited by teams in the MLB. Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in Major League Baseball. He was the first African-American to ever play in the Major Leagues when he signed a contract with the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1946 (Fences – McCarter Theatre Center). Jackie Robinson was named the Rookie of the Year after only his first year in the Major Leagues. Once Robinson signed his Major League contract and

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