African Americans Have Been Victims Of Crime Since The 1700s

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African-Americans have been victims of crime since the 1600s: the beginning of slavery in the U.S. During slavery, African-Americans’ were treated unfairly because they were thought to be inferior. Although slavery ended some time ago, African- Americans are still being treated poorly, because some people still believe blacks are inferior. Unfortunately many of these people work for law enforcement. This causes fear among the African-American community, especially African American males. The long history of police violence against African-Americans proves that everyone is still not treated equally, which is causing African- Americans to dislike law enforcement, and fear their lives, and start movements to bring about …show more content…

In 2013, 24 year old, Jonathan Ferrell was fatally shot by a police officer while looking for help after crashing his car.
In the cases previously addressed, none of the cases rulings seemed impartial. Although Trayvon Martin wasn’t killed by police officers, the case still inflicted fear into African Americans because in the law if someone is murdered without probable cause, they should go to prison for murder. In this instance, George Zimmerman was found not guilty although he was specifically told not to confront Martin and he shot him although he had no weapons.
In the case of Rodney King, although the officers were charged with assault, they were not convicted for it. They were found not-guilty, even though there was a video showing that the police officers had beaten King after they could’ve attained him. In the case of Jonathon Ferrell there was no verdict, although Ferrell had no weapon and was just looking for help.
With all this going on, a popular outlet for emotions regarding police brutality was music. A lot of hip hop artists wrote music to release their feelings on this subject. In the 1990s, one famous rap group, N.W.A, wrote a song that really expressed how a lot of African Americans felt at the time and may still feel now. (N.W.A) The song is called “F the Police.” The recent film Straight Out of Compton presents the story of NWA. One scene, in particular, shows how LA police

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