African Slave Trade 1492 Essay

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Between the years 1492 through 1750 a new world was discovered that was before unknown to the eastern hemisphere. New contacts were formed in the Atlantic world due to the discovery and colonization of the Americas and later African slave trade, which were both very major events of this time. These interactions mainly affected Western Europe, Africa, and the Americas, whose economies were broadened and social structures further developed and altered as a result. In 1492, spice trade led to Europe's exploration and discovery of the Americas, their advanced weaponry allowed for the colonization of the Americas and also slave trade in Africa. Europe was on the verge of an economic explosion before this time and the Columbian Exchange and Triangular Exchange between Europe, Africa, and the Americas was the push they needed for their economy to boom. The Europeans began to grow wealthy at the expense of Africa and the Americas. The growing economy started to create a middle class and the Europeans began to see themselves as superior, socially and economically, especially …show more content…

Europeans began to export slaves out of Africa and eventually into the Americas through Triangular trade. This put Africa on the map economically, but this economy began to disrupt their society. Different tribes began to start wars over obtaining slaves to trade for European goods. Eventually slave trade also led to a decrease in population in Africa, which caused a loss in potential for growth and as a result weakened African civilizations. Many regions were left dominated by females because of the demand for male slaves. This disrupted the previous traditional African family structure. The Europeans also took it upon themselves to impose Christianity on the Africans, who formerly practiced many different religions based on their

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