Afro Americans And The Great Depression Of 1929

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The great depression of 1929 brought changes to the United States. With the downfall of the market in October came a lot of changes, one of the main changes was the rising of the unemployment levels. With unemployment levels rising after the depression to more than 25 percent of the total labor force in 1933, which was five and a halve percent in 1929 (Jensen 557). In 1931 the unemployment rate for Afro Americans was 40,7 percent compared to 27,2 percent of white Americans (Sundstorm 424). This difference in unemployment between the two groups shows the intensity of the hit of the great depression by which the Afro American in comparison to the white American. The unemployment levels were an average of 50 percent higher for Afro Americans than for white Americans (Sundstorm 418). Yet the Afro Americans come back was stronger, due to their higher unemployment. As unrest grew under the Afro Americans, due to the high unemployment levels, the Afro Americans joined more protests. As a…show more content…
As the rise to such high unemployment numbers made the situation for the Afro Americans no longer acceptable, which would lead to a great change. As the Examples of the Afro Americans show as well as the white Americans, the depression brought a more visible Afro American. This Afro American stood in more connection to the white American than before the great depression. The increase protests made the white society see the Afro Americans more often instead of being to separated, as well as they realized the lives were quite similar, especially in poverty. This similarity became the understanding by the white society of the Afro American society, which was due to the change in organization of the protest by the Afro Americans. As the similarity was basis for unions to fight for the same goals. The Afro American organization became better than before the great depression and as a result would book more
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