After Amazing Achievements, Derek Jeter is Set to Retire

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Derek Jeter has announced that after this upcoming 2014 season he will be retiring from the game of baseball. In honor of this decision I wanted to recognize some of his amazing achievements as a Yankee but also as a leader in the MLB.

From an early age Derek Jeter was being scouted and projected to be a major league star. As a senior in high school, many professional teams including the Colorado Rockies scouted Jeter. A copy of the scouting report on Jeter says, "This guy is special. You get excited just watching him warm up. All-Star potential at MLB level." (Axisa, Mike, This was very high-level praise coming from an MLB scout when talking about a high school senior. Being as it may, Jeter was not drafted by the Rockies; the New York Yankees in the 1992 draft drafted him with the 6th overall pick. In his rookie year with the Yankees he won the AL Rookie of the Year award and the Yankees won their first world series in 18 years. This was the start of a very successful career for the Yankee great. Jeter has proven the scouting report to be truthful, becoming and MLB All-Star 13 times. He has been named All-Star game MVP once as well as American League MVP once, coincidently in the same year, 2000. Also, Jeter has won the Gold Glove 5 times and has won the American League Silver Slugger award 5 times. Possibly the most important statistic of Jeter’s on the field career is that he and his team have won 5 World Series Championships together over the span

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