After Britton Essay

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After our breathing calmed, Britton swept me into a warm bath. I am guessing I most have dozed briefly as his en suite was now filled with soft candlelight and the tub was practically spilling over with bubbles that smelled lightly of citrus and maybe geraniums – it was tart and crisp but not girly or masculine. Seeing the near mess, I guessed that bubbles were not his usual deal. In fact, he had always smelled closer to powder or leather. Soft and warm, from a shower.
Stepping into the tub, he lowered me in front of him as he sat back and I filled the space between his long legs as they stretched the length of the tub.
“Izzy, let’s lay here a moment and then get cleaned up. How are you feeling?” he asked gently, his lips just against my …show more content…

They were not the brands I used – I didn’t even recognize the brands as they were surely not something that could be picked up at the base commissary. Instead, they were luxurious and I revelled in them as Britton returned from his closet with a soft T and sweats that would surely swamp me.
Britton was now also donning a pair of sweats, again with that familiar logo. I had to ask.
“So, Barcelona? Tell me.”
Taking my hand, he led me to the kitchen and sat on a stoll as he gestured to his fridge. “Feed me, women.” His eyes crinkled and his lips turned up so that I could see offset dimple before he continued.
“I love that team.” He admitted and stopped, grinning still. He was still teasing me and I stomped my foot.
“Surely, there is more to it than that?”

“Yes,” he admitted, still just staring at me. I could tell he wanted me to push him and was more than happy to oblige.
“Britton, I have shared your table, bed, and bath, and I want to know more. Spill!” For good measure, I stomped my other foot.
“Okay. I do love that team. So did Sean. We both played soccer and had dreams of where that might take us. We were both pretty good but he was probably better and would have had more options if he hadn’t gotten sick.”
“Oh, Britton, I didn’t mean to make you go here. I’m sorry…” I drifted off as he left his stool and came to me.
Placing his fingers over my lips, he shushed me, “Babe, don’t worry, I can talk about him. He and I made

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