Afterschool Problems

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In NYC, access to after-school programs remains a problem for many children especially those from low-income/unstable families due to the lack of funding by the government. After school programs are slowly diminishing in the city and many people are not interested in reviving them. Over the years, many people have downplayed afterschool programs and their benefits to children especially those that come from low-income/unstable families. The social development of children from unstable backgrounds could greatly improve by the promotion and valuation of afterschool programs. They offer activities, memories, and a sense of community all of which these kids need to excel and gear away from the negativity that surrounds them.
Children in low-income/unstable families often face problems when it comes to their personal situation. They go through issues with their homes, schooling, and family. Based on research studies, by the time they’re in fourth grade, more than one-third of children will experience a change in their parents' relationship (whether marriage, separation, or divorce). Also, schooling is prone to instability. Continually switching schools, or not being able to focus in school are some factors affecting school stability. Not only is the home conditions and schooling are unstable, many families have experienced a period of unemployment or underemployment. Studies show that “while many Americans change residences in a given year due to instability, two in five adults

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