Low Socioeconomic Status Essay

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Literature on the effects of low socioeconomic status (SES) on one’s psychological well-being is well established. Prior studies show that low-SES not only impacts individuals’ mental well-being, but also affects their children’s developmental trajectories. This paper reviews one of these numerous studies and further discusses the influences of parental SES on one’s life outcomes, as well as intergenerational mobility and achievement gap through a developmental perspective.
In particular, the study reviewed in this paper is a sequential research study which was conducted by Santiago, Wadsworth and Stump (2011). It examines how low-SES, living in disadvantaged neighborhoods, experience poverty-related stress associated with psychological …show more content…

Additionally, the results of this study show that children/adolescents have a lower levels of withdrawal symptoms compared to adult participants. In addition, it also reveals that low-SES is associated aggressive, attention deficit, delinquent behaviors for children/adolescents.
On the other hand, this research emphasizes how one’s family background and the surrounding neighborhood as specific contexts that impact individuals psychologically. In my opinion, higher SES families may live in wealthier communities that have better educational resources and environment. At this point, human development tend to be context specific instead of universal. As what we learned in class, poverty brings negative impacts to children, which is the biggest risk for parenting as well. More specifically, parents/caregivers bring direct influences to their children, and the neighborhood is one of the vital factors that impact children simultaneously. (Cole’s lecture, April & May 2017). As specific contexts, currently, some people are having abundant wealth and social capital, whereas the rest lack of social and financial resources they need. There are various ways to success and obtain psychological well-being, but growing up with more financial sources and living with parents who are highly educated always makes individual to become successful and easier to promote social and emotional competence when compared to individuals from

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