Age Bias On The Older Generation

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In today’s society, the work industry is comprised of numerous generations from baby boomers to millennia’s. Due to reasons ranging from increased cost of living to political policies, Americans are being forced to work longer in order to obtain the social security benefits they’ve contributed to during their careers. Each generation has certain generational influences such as war times and civil rights for the baby boomers and social media and the technology boom for the millennia’s. One constant that has not changed, however, is that the average American has to work for a living, and with the evolution of the US economy, they are having to work longer and are retiring later.
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This act prohibits an employer from declining to hire, fired, and otherwise discriminate against an employee 40 years of age or older. In a Supreme Court Case Oscar Mayer & Co. v. Evans, Oscar Mayer was accused of age discrimination against an employee (Oscar Mayer & Co. v. Evans, 2007). Evans claimed he was forced to retire after 23 years of services because of his age, which is a clear violation of the ADEA.
This law is suggested to be the product of the Title VII of the Civil Right Act of 1964 (Glenn & Little, 2014). While title VII was expected to avert all forms of discrimination it didn 't not include age as one of the five protected classes. However, the main mission was to provide equal opportunities and being the journey away from discrimination against employees. So Congress looked upon the Secretary of Labor to report on age discrimination. They find out that the data showed widespread amount of discrimination against older workers. Date showed that workers 65 and over were barred from almost all potential jobs openings.
This law affects upper aged individuals that are in need of a necessary career change, or who has constantly been within an organization for numerous amounts of years. They just want to be judge on their qualifications and their ability to do the job and not there age. The ADEA simply tells employers to disregard age, when it comes to employment decision. A first step to ensure

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