Age Discrimination At The Workplace Essay

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Christina Jones
Age Discrimination in the Workplace
Human Resource Management
Dr. Melissa Mann Introduction
With the rise of the fastest age group expected to be between the age of workers 55 and older from 2012-2022, Age Discrimination will likely be on the rise. According to U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), for the fiscal year of 2015, there were 15,719 receipts that filed an Age Discrimination complaint under the Employment Act which was 20.2% of the total charges filed, with monetary benefits in $99.1 Million. Among the claims that were filed in 2015, almost 66% of the claims were thrown out because of no reasonable cause and 17% were resolved with Administrative Closures. Even though the protection for older workers is in place, stereotypes associated to age will continue. Perhaps the most notable change is the significant increase in the proportion of the labor force who are 55 years and over, increasing from 11.9% of the total labor force in 1990 to 19.5% in 2010 to an expected 25.2% in 2020 (Toossi, 2012). With continue increase of discrimination against older workers, it is perilous to employers that discrimination be limited to the workplace as much as possible.
This paper will define Age Discrimination, provided a historical perspective regarding age discrimination as well as delineate current legislation and protection for aging employees.
Literature Review
Definition, Historical Perspectives, and Legislative Initiatives

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