Age Of 13: A Personal Narrative

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Three years have passed. Her muscles twitching got worse. As a teenager seeing her trembling while walking bothered me. I have kept the keys and wallets in my hands until now. Not because she was not okay. It was curiosity as a teenage boy. Always wanted to have a ride to school. I could not let my mom take it back. Maybe it was me who made her problem worse. It is hard to answer when someone asks when I found about her problem. Age of thirteen is little too young to know what was really going on. It was a neighbor of mine who allowed me to get an idea of my mom’s severe situation. On my way back with Joel a man walked towards us. We knew that man, during the summer he would always rest on his swing chair and stare at us. He seemed worried about us. “Do not live upon your mom,” he said. I did not like the way he said it. He just made me and my brother seems like miserable …show more content…

He was in severe condition from a car accident that happened on his way home. According to the lady he was trying to explain it to me that I misunderstood. I could not look into my dad my heart was tearing apart. “what was I thinking” I mean how could I possibly think about leaving my family behind. I wanted to punish myself so badly. My mom she did not eat nor speak a word. I tried not to bother her. The doctor came out of the operation room with deliberate look on his face. Something was not right. He said “I am truly sorry to inform you this bad news. We tried our best. He is in a comma.” There I could not even stand still now. I fell on my knees and started crying out loud. I could not hold it anymore. Lots have changed now after dad going into comma which no one knew when he could wake up. Someone had to stay next to dad in order to take care of him. Me and my brother was busy with school. Mom was not alcoholic anymore. I always thought there was nothing that could stop her from drinking. She took a real good care of

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