Age of Anxiety by W.H Auden

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W.H a famous poet with bright poems and a dark life. W.H was the

the most influential and best poet of all time. It can be said that his poetry can be used to

Calm minds and souls. He was also known as a playwright liberalist, editor and

essayists. He generally was a major influence on succeeding generations of poets on

Both sides of the world. (http//

W.H was born in York, England in 1907 but he moved to Birmingham

Alabama as a young child. Auden was educated at a Christ church. His father was a

doctor and a academic sports teacher. When He finished school he attended oxford

University where he also graduated to become a teacher. W.H moved to Berlin England

to live for a year then returned home to become a teacher. His early poetry made his

Reputation for his poems spread quickly. W.H collaborated with famous poets like

Christopher Isherwood who was also a friend of his from grade school. As a young
(The Light of Poetry John Johnson pages 45-46)

Man he was influenced by Thomas Hardy and Robert Frost. Fame also came quickly

For him by the second year at oxford he was the heart of a burgeoning group of young

Poets and intellectuals. W.H also helps students around the campus to speak better

grammar and to openly express themselves through writing.
Though he graduated with astonishing low marks, he had already distinguished

himself as a poet after he published his own chapbook. A few years later King George

VI presented him

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