Aaron Douglas, The New Negro Movements Essay

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African American Artists in the Harlem Renaissance
Art today isn't really thought of as something big or important, but during the Harlem renaissance the art industry was huge because there was so much racial prejudice that nobody really thought that a African American could draw, paint or sculpt something so beautiful. According to historyoftheharlemrenaissance.weebly.com, "Between 1920-1930 and outburst of creativity among African American occurred in every aspect of art. This cultural movement became known as "the New Negro Movement" later the Harlem renaissance." The art today isn't really memorable but during that time it was, it expressed how the people in Harlem were feeling and they told a story through their artwork. All the
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Ink and graphite, and gouache—which is a heavy, opaque watercolor paint—were also some of the mediums he used to create his famous art pieces. His talent got him very far, yale.edu says that "Douglas' illustrations were often found in The Crisis magazine, as well as in numerous other publications such as: Opportunity, Theatre Arts Monthly, and Vanity Fair." Douglas managed to get a job in graphic illustration and worked on many pieces for magazines, authors asked him to create covers for their literature. He had a reputation for making amazing graphics.
He was one of the most famous artists and many writers went to him to create compelling works of art for their books. "One of his most famous illustration projects include his images for James
Weldon Johnson's poetic work, Gods Trombone (1927), and Paul Morand's Black Magic (1929)."
[ bibliography.com/people/Aaron-Douglas-39794] Douglas was a truly talented and inspiring artist to many other artist.
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Aaron Douglas was not the only inspiring artist during the Harlem Renaissance. Lois
Mailou. Jones was also a famously artist. She was born in Boston on November 3 1905. This is a quote from her about her work, "Mine is a quiet exploration— a quest for new meanings in color, texture and design. Even though I sometimes portray scenes of poor and struggling people, it is a great joy to paint." Jones wanted to be a social worker before she even wanted to be

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