Age of Propaganda

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When thinking of a topic, point, theme, etc. the one that has stuck out to me when reading “Age of Propaganda”, is the topic “to be forewarned is to be forearmed”. The reason this stuck out to me is because I can relate to this, and it all seems so true. What “forwarned to be forearmed” means, is member of an audience can be made less receptive to a message if the audience is forwarned that an attempt of persuasion is going to be made. This is saying that, if someone is told that they are going to be persuaded by someone before it actually happens, then they are going to be less persuaded than if they weren't “forewarned”. It is important because it explains how media persuasion influences different types of age groups. If people actually…show more content…
This is just pure persuasion and there's nothing anyone can do about it. An example of this might be like “Michael Jordan is the best player ever”. Well according to stats and facts, he currently is the best player of all time. If someone was to tell you that you're going to be persuaded that Michael Jordan is the best player of all time, and then you heard facts and such, either way your opinion almost doesn't matter because it's fact. I believe that this is also a contradiction to “forewarned to be forearmed” because if someone was going to persuade you and they have facts, it's most common to believe this person because they literally have information to
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