Agricultural Adjustment Determination

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Register to read the introduction…This would help accommodate new prices on livestock, wheat, and milk. Also it would make them stop producing too much. Before this crisis happened, many farmers that were in debt and in order to earn more money, they would continually increase their products. This led to prices going downhill and do more work the following year. “Through 1936 the AAA contributed $1.5 billion in subsidies to farmers enrolled in the program. Unfortunately, the AAA's herculean effort failed to resolve the farm crisis” The Agricultural Adjustment Administration began paying farmers to lower their production. This came to a conclusion, to pass the Farm Credit Act. This particular act helped with loans because there was a fear of bankruptcy. This act would cause a huge public disagreement because people often question why landowners and not sharecroppers and farmers were gaining aid. A handful of farmers who were given aid, usually spent it on products for their farm. This gave them the overpower of getting rid the need of sharecropping. Many citizens were angry at the government that farmers were getting paid to get rid of their crops, when they could be just feeding the less fortunate if the food was already there. Despite many of these problems the Agricultural Adjustment Administration helped bring the prices
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