Air It Out Is A Tobacco Intervention Program

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Air It Out is a tobacco intervention program specifically designed to promote smoking cessation and smoking prevention among adolescents aged 11 to 18 regardless of gender, race, ethnicity or place of residence within the U.S. (e.g. suburban, urban, inner city, etc.). Until recently, speaking out against smoking carried zero authority given smoking was a personal habit that began in adolescence, a habit that continued until December 2015 when diagnosed with cancer. Now with two rounds of chemotherapy behind me and another scheduled for later this month, the issue of adolescent smoking is one, which I can now stand behind. Unfortunately, it takes the manifestation of a tragic and core-shattering experience to forever changes one’s perception because once it becomes personal, we transform from silent participant to that of an activist. Examples supporting this hypothesis include Christopher Reeve’s who became an activist for paralysis only after suffering his injury, Michael J. Fox, who after his diagnosis became an advocate for Parkinson’s, and Elizabeth Taylor, who became a fearless activist for AIDS after the death of her beloved friend Rock Hudson.

To that end, finding an extensive list of celebrities who speak out against adolescent smoking proves challenging; thus, suggesting intervention rest in the hands of public health professionals and physicians working in the private sector. The Air It Out program exemplifies a design, which was developed based on a particular

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