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the operation of sUAS to transport property in air transportation and the development of a classification system for persons issued sUAS air carrier certificates. • Spectrum Usage – Allows drones to use spectrum for wireless control purposes if permitted by the FCC and FAA. With respect to licensed frequencies, they also must have the consent of spectrum licensees • Collegiate Training Initiative program for UAS – The FAA must create a Collegiate Training Initiative program to help prepare college students for careers involved UAS. • University use of UAS – Streamlines the approval process for the safe operation of UAS at institutions of higher education • Drone Registration – Provides the FAA authority to require registration of sUAS …show more content…

Some key aspects of the bill include: • Risk-based permitting of UAS – The FAA is to establish means for issuing permits to for UAS aircraft and operations based appropriate achievement of safety and risk mitigation tactics • Certification of new air navigation facilities for UAS – Within 18 months of the bill passing, the FAA is to craft a process for issuing air navigation facility certificates to operators of Unmanned Aircraft System Traffic Management (UTM) systems and low-altitude communication, navigation or surveillance system or service (CNS). For a system to be approved, it must be able to identify UAS, deconflict aircraft trajectories, sense-and-avoid manned and unmanned aircraft, protect the public safety and property and other safety mitigations tactics deemed necessary by the FAA Administrator. o The DOT shall also provide expedited procedures for reviewing and approving UTM or low-altitude CNS operated to monitor or control aircraft operated primarily or exclusively in airspace above, croplands, areas other than congested areas; and other areas in which the operation of [UAS] poses very low risk. • UAS Package Delivery – Requires DOT to establish a delivery air carrier certificate that would allow for package deliveries by UAS within a year of passage of the FAA Reauthorization. The DOT would be mandated to create a small UAS air carrier certificate for persons that directly oversee the operation of sUAS to transport property in

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