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P1 – State three purposes of pneumatic supply system for a typical piston engine powered light aircraft, and give the functions of the piston engine air compressor and receiver, within the system.
An aircraft powered by a piston engine usually tends to have a pneumatic air supply system. This allows the function of different systems on the aircraft that are essential to the flight of the aircraft.
In a newer system the supply system will provide a vacuum of air for the gyro’s, so that the de icing boots on the leading edge of the wings can inflate, for example, the boots on the jet stream wings inflate. The vacuum sometimes provides for some of the flight controls. An example of these flight controls would be the auto pilot system. The …show more content…

The water then condenses as it passes through the turbine and out of the exhaust. Then passes into the water extractor. The extractors job is to remove all the moisture out of the air in the system, ice may form as the the air tends to come out of the turbine at 0c, so a sensor checks the temperature to make sure that ice cannot form. If it becomes too cold, hot air can be directed from the bleed air system through a valve.

M1 – The air supplied to the pneumatic systems of gas turbine powered aircraft, and piston engine powered aircraft, is different. Explain how the pneumatic supply systems differ for the two different aircraft types. Your answers must relate to typical pressurised passenger or cargo aircraft systems.

The pneumatic systems on gas turbine powered aircraft are different from those that are on aircraft that are powered by piston engines.
Larger aircraft depend more on pneumatic systems due to their increased flying altitude and need a form of environmental control system. For example, air conditioning. The air conditioning system provides a more suitable living atmosphere pressure inside the cabin, by supplying oxygenated air to breathe. The bleed air helps to pressurise the airframe of the aircraft at a high altitude.
Because the piston engine powered aircraft don’t tend to fly at a high altitude, there is no need for a large pneumatic supply system to power the climate control. This is how the two types differ from each

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