Airport Descriptive Essay

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As I watch the airport recede below me, I think of how long it is going to take to get to Mexico City. I’m just thankful that airplanes have bathrooms, because I made sure to… “hydrate” myself... If airplanes didn’t have bathrooms… best not to imagine situations like those.

An hour later I’m still sitting in my seat, bouncing my foot and trying to play a game of Minecraft. Thankfully, the plane has wifi so I can get on Wynncraft, which is an RPG server with a (very cool) resource pack. I look out the window in a long bit of lag. Even though I have full bars, this was bound to happen. You have no idea how many people get on. Really. Anyways, I watch the ground move below us as we (oh so) slowly fly through the air to Mexico.

After I get off the plane, which took forever, got my luggage, which took way too long, and got out of the airport, which was overcrowded, it was 1:40. So much for having a whole day to explore Mexico, minus flight time. Although it is in a different time zone, an hour earlier. I hailed a taxi to get to the hotel I booked, the Hyatt Regency.

The ride took about an hour. You have no idea how much traffic there is. Seriously. Unless you live in a fully-urbanized area, which I don’t. In that case, go ahead and brag about the jams you’ve been in. I won’t stop you. But really, Mexico City is pretty great. Here are some interesting facts about Mexico, found at
Mexico is the 11th most populated country in the world
Mexico is the

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