Descriptive Essay About Disney World

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I hopped in Dad’s car to head to Disney World in Florida. It took us 30 Minutes to get there, and the whole 30 minutes was boring. I was ready to sleep; I was also super hungry, I was so excited I was about to burst. I had a fear about a few rides, but i didn’t let it overcome me. When we got there we all hopped out of the car and went to the ticket booth for access to the park we bought our tickets then went on the tram into the awesome land of Disney World. Our first stop was at the main park where we all split up i was with dad my little sister was with mom and my Big sisters where on there own. Dad and I went to the space stuff and the Rollercoasters. We got to space Mountain and we must have rode it 10 times because I was having so much fun that we kept going back again and again. Then we went to splash mountain which is a water version of space mountain, i got soaked along with my dad, he had to sit up front where he got soaked the most. My dad and I decided we needed to get some food so we went to this one restaurant and the food was amazing, I had some Mickey pancakes with some whip cream, it was the bomb. After that we went the next park over Epcot. When we got there my dad and I went on the best ride ever, The Space Adventure. It was the best it felt like we were actually in space cause you could see outside into space and you had a role in the mission and everything it was so cool. After that we went to this ford thingy where you get to design a car and the

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