Airport Security Issues Related To 9/11

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In this first article many transportation securities have different rules, but in an airport I found out “ You can request that an employee be available to accompany you through the entire process or you can get directions from the officer”. Getting help or someone to explain the process is noting bad it is better then not knowing and trying to figure out the process, The securities always need to check bags to make sure that you have is ok to have up in the plane. They make sure everyone puts there electronics in a different box and the rest in another , this process makes everything go faster and for everyone as well. After he “terrorist attacks - 9/11” happen the securities try to make the airport safe for everyone to fly and feel comfortable.…show more content…
The things that they talk about is almost the same as the first article they want to make things different ignored to protect the other people in the airport. “ Airports themselves are now required to be secured areas” they are bringing special security which are dogs (k-9) to help sniff and identify chemical and bomb. There was a time where many thing were allowed to be as a carry on, for example “ razors, scissors” but are currently banned as a carry on. Sometimes securities have to make sure they check everyones bag for safety, In this article it says “if security personnel are unable to clearly define the contents of a piece of luggage, or suspect prohibited items, then they open the luggage and conduct a hand search” no one will be able to skip this process even if they security thinks it was ok to let them go even if there things are not checked. “ The TSA is now a part of the Department of homeland security, the Department of Transportation and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) continue to aid the progress of reforming United states airline security police through safety recommendations and review of airline
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