The Transportation Security Administration is Ineffective Essay

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Shortly after 9/11 twelve years ago, the federal government created the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to protect air travel and prevent similar attacks. In 2012, the TSA had a budget of $8.1 billion, and while it claims to improve airport security, it fails to do so. Additionally, their checkpoints are privacy-invasive and cumbersome, negatively impacting the air travel industry. For these reasons, the agency should be abolished. As a response to the 9/11 attacks, one would expect that the TSA would improve airport security. In reality, it's just security theater. Originally, the use of metal detectors and luggage x-rays in airport security checkpoints was enough. However, on December 25, 2009, an inbound international …show more content…

Still, many people choose not to go through the 3D scanner and opt to receive a pat-down instead. Many horror stories of overly invasive pat-downs make the news. In one instance, a 95-year-old cancer patient was forced to remove her adult diaper, traumatizing her. In response to the news coverage, the TSA maintains that they acted respectfully and professionally[4]. In another instance, a baby was given a thorough pat-down[5]. Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri said after a certain pat-down: "When you have the traveling public tell you that sometimes these pat-downs are unacceptable, trust me, they are not exaggerating. There are many times that women put hands on me in a way that if it was your daughter or your sister or your wife you would be upset."[6] Such incidents make the public wary of the TSA's privacy policies and intentions. Finally, the TSA's cumbersome and invasive screening process hurts the air travel industry. A 2010 poll showed that 35% of travelers said they plan to fly less, many citing the TSA as the reason[7]. Another survey in 2008 found that air travellers avoided 41 million trips due to perceived problems with the air travel system. This avoidance is estimated to have cost airlines $9.4[8]. The tourism industry is one of America's biggest industries. In 2010, the tourism industry

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