Essay on Alabama Moon by Watt Key

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Soapstone: Alabama Moon

In the novel Alabama Moon a boy named Moon is the main character. Moon is very independent because throughout the story he does a lot of things on his own including living alone. On page 3 I found out that he was ten years old because it said “I was ten years old and he’d taught me everything I needed to know about living out in the forest.” So this showed me that he knew how to live in his own out in the forest and that he was ten years old which was pretty young to be living on his own out in the forest. At first when Moon was scared and lonely without his dad he was aggressive with the other characters. On page 27 Moon really showed his anger toward Mr.Abroscotto
“I felt anger flash through my …show more content…

I like living in the forest. I don’t know where else I’d live, but I don’t wanna be by myself. We were always by ourselves. We didn’t ever see anybody except Mr.Abroscotto.” This quote shows how Moon is developing through the story. That is how the main character is developed through the story and how the main character interacts with the other characters.

The main idea through the beginning of the story is Moon trying to survive in the forest by himself and trying to fight off everyone. Then over time Moon realizes that he doesn’t want to live in the forest anymore and fight against anyone anymore. The conflict in the story happens a lot in the beginning of the story because Moon is trying to stay hidden but then towards the end of the story he doesn’t want to be alone for the rest of his life and fight off everyone that tries to take him away or help him. On page 3 he said “Pap said he even figured I could whip somebody three times my size. He wasn’t worried about me.” So that quote shows that he was thinking that he could just beat up anyone that tried to take him away from the forest or anything else. But later in the story when he found out that he couldn’t just do that and get away with it he stopped doing it. On page 239 Moon was talking to a policeman and the policeman said, “You’re not gonna bit me or nothin’, are you? Nossir. I’m not aimin’ to try and whip up on anybody anymore. I don’t aim to bust out of anywhere, either.”

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