Alaysis of Krys Lee's 'Drifting House'

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Jaerin Lee

2 May 2013

Alaysis of krys Lee 's "Drifting house"

In “A Temporary Marriage” which is the latest story in chronicle order, author depicted Korean immigrants and their life with Okja as the central figure. She wants to change, but even until the end of the story, Ok-ja cannot truly extricate herself from her previous life, her past.
“Mrs. Shin!” A distant voice tried to reach her, but she was beyond reaching. ······ But even as he reached for Mrs. Shin, my darling, my love, her wounded body continued its ancient song.(23) In this passage, we could found that she delights in inflicted pain and is still called Mrs. Shin until the end. Throughout the book, almost all of characters are haunted by past memories.
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I cried many times, hearing and reading stories about people I knew, before this sadness changed into anger at a regime that destroys its own people.” These could be a clear evidence of Kyres Lee’s trigger of writing this book is related to North Korea and the story “Drifting House” is the root story of this book. As I mentioned previously, one of the themes, the memory of the past is haunting the present, and 2 or more stories are influencing each other. Author deliberately put these stories apart, put them not a numerical order. And when readers read this book, we could found the truth or facts about character’s past when these short stories are progressing and it affects readers. There is the another example of this theme is the interrelationship between “The Goose Father” and “A Temporary Marriage”. The Goose Father’s main character is Gilho Pak, who is Detector Pak in “A Temporary Marriage”, is a goose father separated from his family. He attempts to secure a stable social position and he is ambivalent about his sexual orientation. He met Woo Seong and it seemed he did coming out, which is scandal to his family. In “A Temporary Marriage”, there are some passages about the consequence of this scandal. “She looked for family photos on Dr. Pak’s desk: (…) but there was only a photo of Dr. Pak standing beside a young man with large, despondent eyes.” Dr. Pak
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