Albania Research Paper

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What country other than the U.S contains a political and social status, government, and origin?
Located on the coast of the Balkan peninsula and lining the Adriatic Sea, Albania is a country known for its clear water beaches and fresh cuisine. It has a population of about three million people who represent themselves through the double headed eagle, a national emblem. Also represented through bold colors of red and black, Albania is often only once or twice mentioned in history books. With a land area slightly smaller than Maryland, and the capital city of Tirana, the country thrives in both history and culture. This year makes the 105th anniversary of Albania’s independence from the Ottoman empire, and its refounding as a lost nation. Throughout its history Albania has mended to the constant changes in Europe. Albania is a country whose origin dates back to ancient civilizations, has undergone strict political leaders, a variety of governments and empires, idolizes national heroes, and with open borders, continues to attract tourists.
Albania’s origin has a complicated history, which has scarcely been recorded. Although, it has been debated that the Albanian race has descended from the ancient Illyrians, and many Albanians think the same. This is the farthest back anyone has been able to record the origin of the Albanian civilization, tracing it back to about the end of the bronze age. “The Illyrians were Indo-Europeans tribesman who appeared in the western part of the Balkan peninsula about 1000 B.C, a period coinciding with …show more content…

Although it is not one of the most recognized countries Albania’s history is wide-ranging, unique, and full of information. Their idealistic views, various tyrant leaders, empires, and origin has pieced together modern Albania, which makes for an interesting tourist

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