Alcohol Anonymous Opening Meeting And Alcoholism

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I went to Alcoholic Anonymous opening meeting because I am interested in learning more about this program and alcoholism itself. Also, some of my family members are highly addicted to alcohol, and they have to drink at least half a gallon per day. I have no idea how to stop them from drinking alcohol excessively, so I hope that I am able to learn something from this meeting that I can share with them and probably advise them to lower the amount of their alcohol consumption every day. Based on what I learned from the meeting, Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) self-help meeting is a program for alcoholics who are desire to stop drinking.
I like about Alcoholic Anonymous program because they treated every attendees equally. Everyone who attended this …show more content…

I personally feel that everyone in that meeting has each other’s backs.
This self-help group meeting that I attended took place in Catonsville on Friday at noon. The meeting was held at Catonsville Baptist church. There were 46 people in attendance, including myself. The chairperson asked everyone to help him begin the meeting with the Serenity Prayer. On the left side of the meeting room, there was a table of free pamphlets and books for purchase, so we could find a booklet there which was included all the readings for the entire meeting. Also, the chairperson looked for a couple of people to volunteer to do the readings before the meeting started.
This meeting was broken up into two different sections. First part was story telling. A guy told personal stories of his struggles with alcohol use and abuse from his past in addition to his struggles to remain sober. This part took about 30 minutes. The second part was open dialogue which took about an hour. Nobody was instructing us to do this or that in this section. It was a dialogue which communicating, saying, sitting there, and listening to somebody telling their personal stories. It allowed everyone to talk about their struggles, as well as encourage one another. Before each person started telling his or her stories, that person had to announce his/her name and that his/her were an alcoholic or addict. After the person finished

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