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The topic alcohol brings many things to mind. In my immediate family the only people that drink any type of alcohol are my mother and father. When my dad comes home from work he usually has a beer for a little relaxation and my mom has a glass of wine for dinner. I feel that they are moderate drinkers and I also feel that it sets a good example for my brother and I. If we hadn't gone over this topic in class I would never have known what type of drinkers they were. Now that I think of it I have one relative who has not always lived the good life. If I was writing this paper 8 years ago my aunt Ann would be drinking very heavily right now. That's because she was an Alcoholic. She was in very bad shape for a while until
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I definitely don't want that to happen. No one in my family smokes but I do have friends who do. I keep telling my friends how it's going to kill them but they don't listen. They keep giving me answers like "you have to die sometime" or "I'm not sick right now so who cares." I tell them that their family and friends care but they just ignore me. I know that I need to stay away from cigarettes and cigars because I play sports like golf and I love to ride my bike. If I started to smoke it would decrease my performance of whatever I was doing. That wouldn't be smart because if I ran track the effects of my smoking could cause me to lose a race. Another effect it would have would have on my life is my breath and clothes would smell of smoke and that might make it hard to get a date. Also you said that smoking detererates and the voice box and pops the alveoli in your lungs. That would mean there is a chance of me loosing my voice. If I couldn't talk then I would probably go insane.
Mental Health 2 If everyone had perfect mental health the world would be very different. There would be no need for mental hospitals, psychologists, and nurses to take care of the mentally handicapped. Many people give weird or dirty looks at mentally challenged people like they weren't even human. But they are human just like you and me. I know this because I have an aunt that suffers from Down Syndrome. She lives in
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