Alcohol and College Students Essay

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Alcohol and College Students

Introduction: I decided to research alcohol, because of the large numbers of lives that alcohol ruins not only in the short run but also for the rest of peoples lives. Growing up I have witnessed many people who have developed alcohol problems at a young age and allowed it to take control of the way that they live their lives. It is obvious that alcohol has become a dangerous problem for college students in and out of the classroom.
Research Methods:

To understand why alcohol is a problem for college students, I decided to survey a random sample of 26 students here at State U. I designed the survey to be a quick and effective way to obtain the drinking habits of college students in
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I feel this question will be extremely influential due to the already high numbers of deaths caused by drunk drivers.

My other method of research that I took advantage of was the interview. When I went home this past weekend, I was able to interview my high school nurse who has professional knowledge about the problems that alcohol causes. I wanted to interview the nurse, so she would be able to provide me with important facts and statistics that dealt with young adults and alcohol. In order to make sure that both she and I were prepared, I gave her a list of my questions ahead of time so that she was able to find the proper information needed for my paper. The questions that I asked were:

1. What is the average age that young people begin drinking?
2. Where does alcohol rank in terms of causes of death each year?
3. Are people who start drinking at an early age more likely to become dependant easier?
4. What kind of role does alcohol play in rapes near a college campus?
5. How many teens were in crashes where alcohol was involved?
I feel as if these questions will be of great use to show how alcohol can affect students throughout their lives, especially when they start to drink at a young age.

After conducting my survey, the results were as follows:
The first question on my survey asked how many days of the week do you drink. When I looked at the results, the average number of days was four. In a place like
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