Alcoholic Behavior Case Study: Jennifer Hickson's Home

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ALLEGATIONS: R/s the five-month-old baby was left in the care of his grandmother, Jennifer Hickson. R/s Jennifer is alcoholic. R/s Jennifer’s house is not up to standards for an infant. R/s Jennifer leaves the baby with her sister, Hope. R/s Jennifer and Hope homes are like shacks. R/s Hope has lights but no water. R/s Hope hangs out under a tree with a lot of men. R/s Hope has the baby under tree with her, and the men are drinking, talking, and smoking weed. R/s Hope and the baby were observed under tree on yesterday. RISK FACTORS CLIENT FACTORS (CHILD/VULNERABLE ADULT FACTORS): 5 five-month-old black male. ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS (AND WORKER SAFETY): Jennifer Hickson’s home address is CARETAKER CHARACTERISTICS (PARENT FACTORS): Jennifer

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