Alcoholism : A Social Issue Aspect

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Alcoholism in a social issue aspect

1. Introduction

In todays society there has been a huge controversial issue, on college campuses specifically, about drinking. Administrators, staff, volunteers, and even students have attempted to reduce the amount of usage of the consumption of alcohol or stop it once and for all. Some students’ use drinking in way to cease stress, to promote the feeling in power, or to branch out and socialize, but the outcome of it is not something to be hyped up about. In the song “Swimming Pools (Drank)” Good Kid, m.A.A.d city (2012) by Kendrick Lamar, he focuses on the social pressure that is put upon our generation in regards to excessive alcohol consumption; on the other hand, “Demon Alcohol” No Rest for the Wicked (1998) by Ozzy Osbourne sings about how alcohol is an addiction and how hard it is to overcome it. Traditions have been altering as generations pass in which they are making drinking into a norm in the college student environment which has become a social issue.
2. Discussion of social issue Drinking phases begin with who the person is associated with, moreover, in a college students case it would be the “cool college parties” that everyone wants to attend. Freshmen assume they will become more sociable and have these expectations of what alcohol will do for them while going through the college experience. As much as students think it is fun to do, some are not aware that alcohol poisoning, problem drinking, and alcoholism is

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