Alcoholism-The Need for Improvement of Alcohol Treatment Programs

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One out of every thirteen adults is affected by this. Fourteen million Americans alone suffer this disease, caused by a combination of physiological, psychological, social, and genetic factors. It destroys lives, tears apart families, and can even defeat the toughest of people. And now, nearly half of all teenage kids use it. I am speaking of course, of alcohol. Alcohol can only be defeated through proper funding, reform, and cooperation. There are approximately 85,000 alcohol related deaths in the United States each year (Drug War Facts, 2004). Included in that number are young teens, college students, and adults. The word alcoholic means anyone who is affected by drinking, and seriously influences or interferes with his/her work,…show more content…
Who pays for Alcoholics Anonymous? There are no membership fees or dues for AA. It is a fellowship of men and women looking to better themselves. The only requirement is the desire to stop abusing alcohol (Information on A.A., from the Alcoholics Anonymous website). Although the 12 point program used by A.A. may not be as effective as necessary, other programs are being made use of. The federal government and the Ad Council both put out campaigns via many types of media (more commonly television and radio). Nationwide, police officials are on alert for drunk drivers more than ever. Loss of licenses, high fines, and extended jail time put people in fear of driving while intoxicated. At home, families are destroyed because of alcohol. Seventy six million American adults have been exposed to alcoholism in the family. Alcoholism is responsible for more family problems than any other single cause. According to Silverstein (1990), one of every four families has problems with alcohol. Many children grow up having alcohol problems from being exposed to it at such an early age. Spouses are forced to watch their loved one fade away. There is a way to actually defeat this disease. The federal government can redirect spending on ad campaigns and use the funds to generate more successful programs. People who are actually qualified would be able to run the programs. This plan of attack would generate a
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