Alex Rider : A Complex Character Of Alex Rider

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A complex character is a character that has a variety of traits and different sides to their personality. In this story, the complex character I chose was Alex Rider. This is because throughout the story, he does many intriguing, engaging, and critical actions. This is what makes him my complex character. Over the course of the story, Alex learns how to deal with and cope with people trying to kill him. Analytically and effectively, he interacts with the characters in different ways as the story goes on when he learns the good and bad people.
The novel starts off with Alex Rider in a hospital recovering from an assassination attempt caused by the terrorist organization Scorpia. He meets a teen his age named Paul Drevin - son of Russian multibillionare Nikolei Drevin and host of the Ark Angel project - and forms an alliance with him. This action is complex because forming an alliance can be very difficult. Later, one night, a group of four men arrive in the hospital in an attempt to kidnap Paul Drevin. Alex, in an attempt to rescue Paul, pretends to be Paul himself and overpowers the four men, before eing knocked out by a fifth man. This shows how complex he is. Alex is captured by the men and taken to an abandoned apartment. The men reveal themselves to be Force Three, an eco-terrorist group led by a man named Kaspar. Alex proves that he is not Paul Drevin, but Force Three burns the tower and leaves Alex to die anyway - he escapes using a tightrope. Horowitz describes,

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