Alexander The Great: Alexander III Of Macedonia

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What makes a great leader? Throughout history, leaders around the world have been given the title of "great." Alexander III of Macedonia was one who was called the “great”. He lived from 356-323 BCE and ruled from the age of twenty until his death at the age of thirty-three. During his time as king, he united Greece, reestablished the Corinthian League and conquered the Persian Empire. In the wake of his father's murder, who was the king at the time, Alexander was determined to take role of his father’s throne. After his father’s sudden murder, Alexander, who was 19 at the time, was focused on ruling and taking his father’s past role. He quickly got the support of the Macedonian army, including the general and troops. The army proclaimed Alexander the feudal king and proceeded to help him murder other potential heirs to the throne. Alexander understood what was at stake and took action immediately. …show more content…

In fact, the southern states of Greece were celebrating his father’s death and showed divided interests. Athens had it’s own plan in hoping to take charge of the league. As the states started independent movements, Alexander sent his army south and persuade the region of Thessaly into accepting him as the leader of the Corinthian League. Then during a meeting of league members at Thermopylae, Alexander drew out their acceptance of his leadership. He soon received treaties with the Greek city-states that belonged to the Corinthian League, except Athens. This led to the war of Sparta and

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