Alexander The Great Short Story

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Olympias told Alexander what had happened that morning. For the whole day, it buzzed around in Alexander’s mind. The following day, Alexander attended a symposium and recognized the red wine he would drink when he was with the maenads. He drank a bit, and then some, and them some more. Before Alexander knew it, he was in a daze. Dionysus appeared next to him, though Alexander did not recognize him. Your father… He is nothing but a nuisance. Why don’t you get rid of him? Clearly, your mother is incapable of doing it. ‘’If my mother can’t even do it, how can I?’’ Alexander relied. She doesn’t believe in me enough. ‘’And who are you?’ Your God. ‘’Dionysus? It can’t be.’’ Oh, but it is. Do it, boy. Do it and I will bless you with all of Greece and the …show more content…

He did not want to be like his mother – a pet to its abuser. Alexander came to the royal body guard and slammed one hundred silver coins on the table. *** All of Macedon silently wept for the loss of their greatest king. All but Olympias and Alexander. Finally, Alexander would become king and now Dionysus would fulfill his promise. Alexander the Great, King of the World. *** Eliminate his enemies. One by one, Philip’s wives and children were cut down. Make sure there is no question about Alexander’s rise to the throne. Philip’s youngest wife and her daughter were burned alive. Finally, Olympias was forgiven for disobeying Dionysus. *** ‘’Dionysus! Dionysus!’’ Alexander called out into the woods. I am here. ‘’A mere military of two thousand is not enough to conquer the Persian Empire. The people refuse to join the military. I need more men! Didn’t you promise me the great Empire?’’ I did, and you will have it. Do not worry about your men. Why don’t you put them to the test? I promised you all of Greece as well, did I not? I will also bless you with this… At the wave of Dionysus’ hand, a sword appeared in each of his hands and a silver shield on his back. Go conquer,

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