Alexander The Great : The Achievements Of Alexander The Great

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In the history of the world there has never been a teenager that matched the successes Alexander the Great achieved. He was, without a doubt, the most successful general and conqueror that the world has ever seen. No man ever matched his strength and courage on the battlefield nor did anyone match his leadership abilities. Men like Alexander the Great did not come around often, but when they did, their actions and exploits shocked the world and changed every aspect of life as it once was. Alexander the Great was an extraordinary man and an even better general, and his conquests and actions changed the world forever. Alexander the Great was only twenty years old when he inherited the throne of Macedon and possessed “the fullest measure the combination of physical attractiveness, athletic prowess, and intellectual distinction that had long been the Greek ideal” (Hollister 147). Furthermore, he had a powerful and imaginative mind and was a brilliant leader as well. According to Hollister, “He was a magnetic leader who inspired intense loyalty and admiration among his followers, a brilliant general who adapted his tactics and strategy to the most varied circumstances.” Obviously, Alexander the Great had it all, and was born to be a man of such great power and capability. When he inherited the throne from Philip II in 336 B.C., he had a unified Macedon and Greece to use as his springboard to conquer the world (lecture). However, the Greek city-states in which Alexander ruled

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