Alexander The Great : The Most Successful Military Mastermind Of The Ancient World

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Alexander the Great, also known as Alexander III of Macedon (356–323 B.C.), is conceivably the most successful military mastermind of the ancient world. The warrior-king dominated territories that included Egypt, Greece and the present-day Pakistan, Iran, and Turkey. Alexander spent his 13-year reign working to bring together the East and the West using military strength and cultural exchange. He combined battleground victories with kingdom-building tactics to extend his territories. Alexander’s character grew so rapidly that by the time of his demise at the age thirty-two, people thought he possessed godlike qualities. It is not always easy to separate facts and fiction from the tales narrated about Alexander. However, there are eight great highlights from Alexander’s life . Alexander the Great conquered more territories within a short time because he was brave, a military strategist, and utilized the mistakes of his enemies to make them afraid of his martial power.
The major battles Alexander participated illustrated his success. At some instances, he won wars because of luck. The enemies, in some instances, could have defeated him if they put the due diligence of applying strategy in the battle. The warrior went to battle in countries such as Egypt, Syria, India, and Issus. Each of these battles was unique to the greatness of Alexander.
The attack of Halicarnassus took place in 334 B.C. Alexander was always vulnerable to the Persian Navy because he lacked soldiers

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